CITAM, PCEA suspends all services over coronavirus pandemic

CITAM church has suspended all its Sunday and midweek services in their sanctuaries for the next 30 days after which a new directive shall be given to its members.

Through a notice released on 18th March, the church has encouraged members and friends to join the church’s online virtual service that will begin this Sunday, from the confines of their home.

Furthermore, it has encouraged Christians to express love and generosity to one another, especially those requiring support with basic needs.

In addition, CITAM has urged the government to ease the tax burden on Kenyans during this difficult period.

The Presbyterian church (PCEA) and the All Saints Cathedral have also taken the same move, announcing to their respective members, the suspension of services and meetings, in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

"Funeral services shall be attended only by the extended family. No viewing of the body should be done at the mortuary to avoid people congregating...weddings should either be suspended or be done as per the gov't registrars of marriage directive. A ceremony of five people the bride, the bridegroom, the best couple and the officiating minister," read part of the statement from the PCEA.

The churches will, however, remain open for individual private prayers.