Police manhandled me like a criminal, yet I wanted to see President Uhuru |TEARS OF FRUSTRATION

In the dusty streets of Mlolongo estate, we catch up with Daniel Wekesa, a man who has endured hardship in silence. He looks frustrated and tired. Tired by the fact that he cannot provide for his family. His frustration drove him to what many could not dare during the memorial service of the former head of state Daniel Arap Moi at Nyayo national stadium.


Daniel camped outside Nyayo stadium for a whole night before being allowed in at 3 in the morning. While thousands of Kenyans gathered to commemorate the life of an icon, his was a different case, he badly needed an audience with President Uhuru, a man whom he believed would change his fate and give him and his family a lifetime breakthrough.


This turned out to be a dream, things became unrossy when he stood and approached the president. Presidential security officers wouldn’t let him, instead whisked him away. 

His four - hour ordeal at the hands of police officers looked like a week. The interrogation was so intense that he couldn’t help himself but to cry out in the lonely cages of police cells.


He was released out of police cell but the murky world has not yet set him free. Thoughts of joblessness always linger in his head. His only wish is to see the president.


Daniel’s experience paints a picture of desperation and hopelessness among graduates in a gloomy economy. An economy that sold them a dream of a better life, a dream of a better job, a dream that turned out to be ONLY THAT….a great DREAM.