CORONAVIRUS UPDATES: Wuhan city under lockdown leaving residents in despair and agony with no food

Wuhan is known as one of the nosiest entertainment districts, the streets are now silent and empty. Business premises have been closed until further notice, all to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus

Authorities have all but shut down Wuhan, a city of 11 million and a major transport hub, as the death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak surged past 800 in mainland China

In hospitals across Wuhan, the city at the Centre of the new coronavirus outbreak, there is panic and despair. Patients wearing masks queue for hours, waiting to be called by nurses. Staff who have worked endless shifts are forced to turn many away. Pharmacies are running out of supplies.

Reaching emergency wards is a struggle, following the shutdown of public transport in the city, which has been placed in complete lockdown. The roads are mostly deserted, and taxi drivers, fearing infection, are refusing to pick up patients from hospitals.

Residents left in Wuhan quarantined to stop the coronavirus are desperately stockpiling food and fuel, leaving empty shelves and prices.