Firm launches World's most expensive chocolate at more than Sh600,000 per kilo

Priced at $6, 221 per kilogram, the limited-edition trio of truffle chocolates has made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records

"Trinity - Truffles Extraordinaire" was created by luxury chocolate brand Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, who are part of the conglomerate ITC limited.

Philippe Conticini, the French Michelin Star chef behind the concept, said the chocolates represent the cycle of life in three stages, The Creator, The Nurturer, and The Destroyer.

Ingredients collected from around the world such as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Tahitian vanilla beans, Belgian white chocolate, and Piedmont hazelnuts help to give the chocolates such a high price tag.

In 2012, Danish artisan chocolate-maker Fritz Knipschildt created the world's most expensive individual chocolate, La Madeline au Truffe, which cost $250 a piece.