Why Kenyan women opt to marry white men over Kenyan men

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As many foreigners move into the country for various reasons. One commonly encounters Kenya women falling in love with foreign men

Here are some reasons why


Desire to have Mixed-Race children. Some crave for mixed-race kids, hence going for white men. They argue that such kids are smart, talented, and they have good natural looks and stunning natural hair


Visa gate pass. Marry a white man is a direct pass to obtaining a visa and also gives them a chance of touring the world.


They are romantic. women have argued that white men are proud of their women since they can hold their hands in public, take them to fun places as compared to Kenyan men


White men are Real gentlemen. Ladies love men who adore them, understand them, respect them, honor them and put their feelings at heart. According to them, this is something that white men do better than Kenyan men


Women love being reminded of how beautiful wonderful they are. Women claim that white men are the most loyal


Kenya men are stingy. Most women want a man who will buy them expensive and posh dresses,  high-class hair-do, and drive expensive cars. They want a man who will shower them with money. Rarely do Kenyan men put this into consideration, thus giving a score to white men who have no problem doing so.