Quick steps on how to escape from a sinking vehicle

It is a matter of life and death when you find yourself in a sinking vehicle.

To survive in such an extreme situation, you need to understand some lifesaving hacks:

Unfasten your seat belt and lower the window as soon as the car makes contact with the water

Vacate the car using the nearest window before the car gets submerged.

Don’t waste time trying to open the door, it will not open due to the outside force pressing from the waters.

If you can’t lower the window, break it.  Don’t try to break the windshield, it might not break due to its strong material.

If you have children in the car, shove them out first ahead of yourself for better chances of both of your surviving.

If you are unable to get out through the windows, wait until the water fills the car. You will be able to open the door as a result of equal pressure inside and outside the car.

When this happens, breath in the remnants of the air, open the door and swim out.

It’s easy to be disoriented underwater, especially if the water is murky. For this reason, swim in the same direction as the rising air bubbles to find your way to the surface.