RUTO VS RAILA: Does DP Ruto's frequent Western region visits indicate he isn't assured of Mt Kenya

The 2022 State House race is shaping up fast, with the Kieleweke vs. Tangatanga supremacy battles becoming the order of the day.
One of the main characters in this political play definitely has to be DP William Ruto, who from day one, made clear his ambitions to occupy the big house on the hill come 2022.
He has made inroads in Mount Kenya where he seems to command the support of most vocal MPs while resting assured that that Rift Valley vote is safely in his pocket.
 Consequently, Ruto is now focused on amassing additional votes from Opposition strongholds.
The Coast and Western regions have been the beneficiaries of Ruto’s strategic moves by way of generous donations and ‘project launches’.
However to ensure that elusive vote Luhya vote doesn’t slip through his fingers, Ruto has pitched tent in this part of the country, harvesting new point men, the latest acquisition being former Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale.
So what do these frequent visits to the region mean? Javas Bigambo, a governance expert-cum-political analyst gives his PERSPECTIVE.