The political tinderbox that put Raila on the wrong path with Rift Valley voters

In 2009 during the reign of the Grand Coalition Government President Mwai Kibaki ordered Prime Minister Raila Odinga to hasten the eviction of settlers from Mau Forest.

The water problems and changing rainfall patterns that the country was facing had been solely blamed on the invasion of the indigenous forest.

The then Eldoret North MP William Ruto led an anti-Raila campaign, alleging that Raila oversaw an eviction that led to humanitarian and health problems.

The anti-Raila onslaught would then play a critical role in the 2013 General Elections especially in the Rift Valley region, with both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto being elected with a landslide in the region.

Fast forward 2019, the DP seems to be facing the same political challenge that Raila endured in 2009, as his office inheriting the Mau Rehabilitation project from the office of the Prime Minister.

A section of Rift Valley leaders are believed to have met with Raila Odinga, now AU’s High Representative for Infrastructural Development, to plead with him to help ensure the second phase of the Mau Forest evictions are done in a humane manner.?