What is the chemical substance found in the tested meat? What is ARDS?: News In 90.

Chemicals found in tested meat

Ministry of Health has confirmed the existence of sodium metabisuphite in beef products sold by retailers to unsuspecting consumers.

Health CS Sicily Kariuki said from the sample collected and tested in Gov't laboratories, 15 per cent fell short of acceptable amounts.

The chemical commonly known as Sulphate can cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to it.

What is ARDS?
Acute Respiratory distress fluid (ARDS) occurs when air builds up in the tiny, elastic air sacs in the lungs.
The fluid prevents your lungs from filling with enough air, which means that less oxygen reaches your bloodstream. This deprives your organs of sufficient oxygen.
ARDS typically occurs in people who are already critically ill or who have significant injuries. Many people who develop ARDS do not survive.
The risk of death increases with age and severity of illness. Of the people who do survive ARDS, some recover completely while others experience lasting damage to their lungs