I only give way to ambulances and fire Engines-Boniface Mwangi blocks unknown Gov’t Motorcade

Earlier today activist Boniface Mwangi refused to give away to unknown Motorcade along   Lang’ata Road near Wilson Airport.

He posted a video on his Instagram account with a caption

“I only give way to ambulances and fire engines. I block entitled civil servants and politician who love to use sirens to avoid traffic. As a taxpayer, I expect the people in these big cars to follow the law and work towards solving the perennial traffic jams” End of the caption.

In the video, Mwangi is heard asking why the motorcade was driving on the wrong side and adds he is not going to move. 

This is not the first time Mwangi is blocking a "VIP motorcade" in fact he has been known to refuse to move away when in such situations.