Kenya is not ready to legalize marijuana: Chipukeezy Nacada Director

NACADA Director Chipukeezy has emphasized that Kenya is not ready to legalize Marijuana,

“Yes, marijuana has a medicinal aspect, but the reason we can’t legalize it is that we don’t have the capacity to do that. We’ve already legalized alcohol and we are unable to control it and people are dying every day.”

Chipukeezy wants the education curriculum to have subjects that touch on substance abuse in order to raise awareness among young people.

“Right now I’m pushing to explore it further. Nowadays, we have the Internet, so they will know about it. We should tell kids the effects of these drugs. The solution to all these problems is information. If we inform our people, we can end all these, including corruption. Like when I’m in school, teach me integrity.”

The Comedian wishes to leave a legacy by building rehabilitation centers thus having a drugs free generation.

“I’d want to build many rehabilitation facilities for the people who are already addicted; that I educated people about drugs—a generation where this is not only taught in church but in every gathering. Where a neighbour can advise a son’s neighbour when they see him doing drugs.”