I cheated on my wife while in England to avoid prostate cancer – Pastor Deya| My Confession

It had taken gov’t 12 years to have Deya face trial but he fought extradition for fear he would be tortured and sentenced to death.

Deya now pleads innocence and points accusing fingers at his wife, Mary Deya, for the troubles which include five counts of stealing five underage children in five years to 2004 from a house in Nairobi’s Mountain View Estate.

Deya, 66, has since been divorced from the woman he married when he was 22, she 14. Deya was extradited on August 8, 2017, and after cooling government porridge for ten months at Kamiti, he was released on a Sh10 million bond.

 “I have never been part of the miracle baby saga. My wife was in Nairobi, I was in London. She told me that he had miracle babies. I wasn’t there to see or prove if it’s true,” offers Deya.

“She even got pregnant and delivered a baby when I was in London. She cheated on me. How can I be responsible for something that happened in Kenya when I was in the UK,” added Deya who insists he is separated from Mary and a divorce is on the cards.

Deya has also sensationally claimed that while in England, he could not stay without a woman because it could lead to prostate cancer.