“I was born a man but all my life I have been a woman”-Transgender Letoya Johnstone shares her story

Kenyan transgender Letoya Johnstone wears many hats including a model, talent manager and  a counselor. In this piece, Letoya explains her horrifying experience living as transperson in Kenya.  
According to Letoya she was born a male but chose to be a woman, a decision, she says, has caused him some of her friends and family members. Letoya’s parents even disowned her.
The model has refuted claims that she underwent surgery to make her a woman, insisting that she was born a transperson, a fate she did not have control over.
Letoya does not mince her words when vividly describing how pretty she is, “with hips, nice legs and feminine physique.”  
“I was born male but I have never changed anything. I was just born as pretty as woman, with hips, nice legs and beautiful physique like a woman. I have always been a woman, I have always felt like a woman all my life I have been a woman. The only thing that is different is what is in my genitalia, ”insists Letoya.  
Letoya rues the extremely judgemental nature of people, who pretend to care about her yet they don’t want her around them.  
 “And honestly to say, I don’t have a single friend honestly completely, ” she adds.