List of bizarre activities that Kiambu County budgeted for (State House Affairs is one of them)

It was a long day for Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu explaining strange 2018/2019 budget lines and expenditures to the Senate Public Accounts Committee.

In what has taken Kenyans by surprise, the audit reveals that Kiambu County government may have allocated budgets for functions that have nothing to do with Kiambu County.

Armed with the Auditor-General’s report, the Moses Kajwang-led Senate Public Accounts Committee sought to know the origin of discrepancies.

According to the audit report, Kiambu County allocated a mind-blowing Kshs. 2, 608, 064, 453 to various projects which appear to be fictitious!

Here is a brief of Kiambu County Business Unusual Budget:

1.     State House Affairs:-

Coordination of State House Functions – Kshs. 973, 839, 449/-

2.     Administration of Statutory Benefits for Retired Presidents – at Kshs. 180, 506, 800/-

3.  Administration of Public Service and Communication

State Corporations’ Advisory Services – Kshs. 591, 610, 204/-

4.     Kenya-South Sudan Advisory Services – Kshs. 58, 108, 000/-

5.     Education, Gender, Culture and Social Services:-

Free Primary Education – Kshs. 804, 000, 000/-

 TOTAL: Kshs. 2, 608, 064, 453

As questions mounted, Governor Waititu had to chip in with a rebuttal.

He denied the budget lines and the attendant expenditure adding that even himself was shocked by the numbers and the budgetary allocations.

"What I have seen is also new to me. I think it is a misuse of the National Government template because nobody could have assumed that we have such figures in our county. Because we don't have a budget for those things and therefore there is no expense at all," Waititu replied.

According to Waititu, his administration did not spend money on free primary education and South Sudan.

For instance, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi told Waititu that he cannot deny that he does not know the figures, and at the same time tell the committee that he has filed a response to the Auditor-General.