Why Jubilee Sec. Gen. Raphael Tuju has failed Nairobians on Sonko's deputy mishap | PERSPECTIVE

Since January 13, 2018, Nairobi has been without a deputy governor after Polycarp Igathe resigned just four months after being sworn into office, marking Kenya’s shortest political marriage.

The Supreme Court of Kenya later advised Governors Mike Sonko and Mutahi Kahiga to nominate their deputies, something the latter already did.

In January 2019, Sonko was expected to name his deputy governor pick, telling the press while in Kilifi that he had a name already.

However, The Jubilee governor insisted that in the spirit of President Uhuru-Raila handshake, he had to consider a deputy from the NASA side too, therefore postponing the much-awaited nominee for further consultation.

The deputy governor position cannot be filled through an election. The deputy assumes office through nomination by the governor.

But according to Martin Andati, who is a political analyst, the Jubilee Party ought to have helped Sonko pick up his deputy. Owing to the fact that the party leadership, President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto, are concentrated on national issues, the party secretary general Raphael Tuju was the ideal person to help the governor solve the situation. Something he has not done.