Swazuri-led land commission has failed Kenyans, but there are positives | PERSPECTIVE

The National Land Commission (NLC) is one of the independent government commissions that were established following the promulgation of The 2010 Constitution.

NLC derives its mandates from the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the National Land Policy (2009) and acts of Parliament. The mandates include;

1) Manage Public land on behalf of national and county governments
2) Recommend a National land Policy to the national government
3) Advise the national government on a comprehensive program for the registration of title in land throughout Kenya
4) Conduct research related to land and the use of natural resources, and make recommendations to appropriate authorities
5) Initiate investigations, on its own initiative or on a complaint, into present or historical land injustices, and recommend appropriate redress
6) Encourage the application of traditional dispute resolution mechanisms in land conflicts
7) Assess tax on land and premiums on immovable property in any area designated by law
8) Monitor and have oversight responsibilities over Land Use Planning throughout the country
9) Perform any other functions prescribed by national legislation

The term of the current commission members, led by Chairperson Dr. Muhammad Swazuri, is coming to an end, amid mixed reactions as to whether NLC has helped solve the perennial and critical land injustices in the country.

The NLC has come into public scrutiny after a number of corruption scandals were linked to the commission especially Dr. Swazuri, with the SGR land compensation scum being the biggest.

Swazuri has, however, defended his tenure saying that, “I will walk away with my head high.”

In this episode of PERSPECTIVE, we bring into perspective the six-year term of the first NLC commission, looking at where they went wrong, as well as their positives.