With Raila’s AU role the Presidency will be like a village position for him | PERSPECTIVE

Raila Odinga vying for presidency in 2022 General Election, under the current government structure, will be like a village position for him, owing to his new role- the African Union (AU) High Representative for Infrastructure Development.

According to lawyer and political pundit Karoli Kipchumba, Raila has fought for many courses in the country including but not limited to the second liberation; efforts he says can never be forgotten.

“If the Constitution structure remains the same, I’ll advise him to play the kingmaker. But if there will be amendments to the Constitution and executive framework, let him try his luck,” said Kipchumba.

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However, Kipchumba says that with the ODM Party leader’s new continental role, vying for presidency will be belittling for him.

“…It will be belittling [for Raila] to come back and contest in a name-calling campaign, when you’ve risen to his stature in Africa. It will not be advisable for him to come back and fight with the Moses Kuria of this world, engage in the mugoroki campaigns again. He is above them,” added Kipchumba.

Raila’s new role will see him work to support and strengthen AU’s departments and those of the Planning and Coordinating Agency of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).