Jomo Gecaga, Uhuru aide denied entry as Raila finesses Museveni at AU conference

President Uhuru Kenyatta' nephew Jomo Gechaga and Aide de Camp were barred from using the main entrance of the 32nd Heads of State and Governments Summit at the AU.

The duo were among several dignitaries in attendance at the summit who had a rough time gaining access to the conference room in which the summit was being held.

After a futile attempt, Gecaga and the aide left, presumably to find an alternative entry into the summit.

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Meanwhile Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni was forced to wait as security personnel  worked to clear a path for him to enter the conference room.

He stood a short way away as the security attempted to contain the jostling crowd.

A nearly inconspicuous Raila Odinga, African Union High Representative for Infrastructural Development in Africa, walked alone into the conference room ahead of Museveni who approached the entrance with caution.

This despite the security personnel beckoning him assuringly.