Mombasa man forced to eat raw hot chillies after 'stealing' shoes from mosque

A man caught stealing shoes outside a mosque in Mombasa was forced to eat raw hot chillis as punishment.

The middle-aged man confessed to stealing shoes and selling them at a throwaway price to another accomplice by the name of  Felix who works at the Ferry and takes the shoes to Changamwe.

He pleaded with his "captors" to let him go but they ordered him to finish all the pepper he had in his hands.

“Ukimaliza we enda…meza meza. Jisikilie tamu (Once you finish them you are free to leave. Make sure you swallow them…enjoy) said one member of the public.

He gnashed his teeth in anguish as he vowed to never steal again.

“Siibi tena mskiti wa Sakina. (I'm never stealing again from Sakina Mosque),” he said.