This man Prophet David Owuor: What you may not know about this 'Prophet of God'

Prophet David Owuor is a man on a mission. A religious mission to save souls under the popular theme of Repentance and Holiness.

A widely acclaimed Prophet, Dr Owuor’s rise to the world stage started in the humble village of Goma, Bondo.

Born in 1966 to Hezekiah and Margaret Ochieng, Owuor is the second born in a family of nine - six girls and three boys.

He schooled at Wambasa Primary, Yimbo, before transferring to Jusa in Siaya.

Owuor then crossed the border to Uganda courtesy of his father’s work transfer and attended Luzira and Kitalya respectively.

He joined Mbale Senior Secondary school for his ‘O’ level before shifting gears to St. Peters College, Tororo, for his ‘A’ levels.

Owuor had a short stint at Uganda’s academic giant Makerere University in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science Degree.

He, however joined the University of Nairobi and graduated in 1988.

He later flew to Negev, Israel, where he joined Ben Gurion Univerty for his Ph.D in Molecular Genetics (Science of the Future).

A move that is said to have prepared his journey as Prophet of God after first encountering God in 1987 while in Uganda.

The Mighty Prophet of The Lord as he is known to some, has no wife nor family. He once, however, claimed to have fathered a child in Israel.

He neither accepts donation nor offerings from his followers despite being touted as among the richest preachers in Kenya.