Kamande spent over 13 years in prison for defilement, stepdaughter now confesses he did not rape her

Imagine being accused of a serious offense like rape.

As if that is not enough, you are charged in a court of law, and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The sad part of it all is when the accuser confesses that indeed you had not raped her, after you have served for all the years.

This is the story of Stephen Kamande’s journey to freedom.

On September 19 2005 he was arrested in Kariobangi area for defiling his then 15-year-old stepdaughter.

We met Kamande a few hours to his release from the Kamiti Medium Prison.

A calm, reserved and God-fearing man who couldn’t hide his joy, celebrating with fellow inmates.

This was his last day in the facility.

While in prison Kamande had risen to the rank of a prefect because of his sheer discipline by the time of his release, could not believe that it was his last day and finally he could see the world’s happenings, this time not from the lonely walls of the prison.

He admits that being wrongly accused broke his spirit, however he has forgiven his stepdaughter and he is looking forward to start up a business using his new acquired skills from prison.