This is not a dreadlock thing but a divine conviction of the heart - Kenyan Rastafarian speaks out

Many people are familiar with Rastafarians and know that they are connected with Jamaica in some way, but if you ask people if it is a religion, they often don't know. Additionally, those who say it is a religion may not be able to say much about it or how it started.

 Besides Garvey's prediction of Christ's return as an African king, the traditional royal titles for Ethiopian leaders helped support worship of the Emperor. These titles included calling him the ''Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah'' and ''Elect of God and King of the Kings of Ethiopia.''

Even the name he took at his coronation, Haile Selassie, held the religious meaning of ''Might of the Trinity''. While the Emperor died at the hands of a military coup, Rastafarians often deny his death as a hoax. It is interesting to note that the Emperor always denied he was divine.

In an exclusive interview with the Standard Digital Videos, Kenyan Rastafarians explained the concept of their religion, what they believe in and most importantly how they relate with each other. This come days after A Rastafarian girl who was turned away from her new school in Nairobi because of her hair, has spoken of her disappointment to Kenyan media outlets.

Makeda Ndinda told the Standard newspaper that she was forced to choose between her “hair or books” by the deputy principal at Olympic High School after he noticed her hair, wrapped in a hair wrap.