Witness recalls the last moments of DusitD2 suicide bomber

The man who walked past the suicide bomber just seconds before the blast, survived and is thankful to God for sparing his life.

This is after a video clip emerged showing how a suicide bomber blew himself up at DusitD2 on January 15, 2019.

Abdullahi Ogelo is the man in a cap seen walking past the bomber just before the explosion. In a television interview, he revealed that he had no idea of what was happening.

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Ogelo said he was going on with his daily routine at the premises and was going to meet his friends when he unsuspectingly walked past the terrorist.

“When I walked past him I could hear him argue on phone. He seemed to be asking where the rest of his colleagues were and his hand was moving over his chest,” Ogelo said during an interview with a local TV station.

Ogelo is perhaps the last man to see the attacker. After the bomber blows up, a crowd is seen rushing outside through the smoke from the explosion.