Woman crawls behind President Uhuru Kenyatta during live interview

Statehouse Spokesperson Kanze Dena has come out explaining why a woman had to crawl behind President Uhuru Kenyatta during a live TV interview on Friday.

In the video that immediately went viral on social media, hawked eyed netizens got distracted by the middle-aged lady who was desperately trying to cross over to the other side as the President was explaining the strides the nation had taken to improve the economy.

Speaking to Edaily, Dena explained that the woman, a member of her team, was in the right place at the right time but something came up in between that demanded her to move to the other side of the President.

“By the time the cameras had begun rolling, she was on the right side of the President. Her positioning was okay until something came up during the interview. I needed her to handle some urgent task,” she explained.

She revealed that their plan was for her to shift to the other side when the cameras were locked on journalists, but it flopped.

“I am blaming poor timing on the gaffe. Our arrangement was when the cameras were focused on the journalists, she would crawl to the left. Unfortunately, when she was doing that, the cameras resumed focus on the Head of State,” she said.

She, however, reiterated that those are normal issues that happen in the course of work and said she won’t reveal the identity of her staff to protect her from ridicule.

“Though occasional, these things do happen during such fast-paced and multi-camera productions,” Dena clarified.

In the round table conversation with journalists, the President discussed progress of the Big 4 Agenda, the building bridges initiative and the war on corruption among other things.