You go out drinking till 5 AM, then you ask where we get money to donate to churches - William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto on Friday slammed his critics who often ask about his source of wealth when he donates cash in churches.

"Sasa wewe unalewa kwa bar hadi saa kumi na moja alafu unaamka unatuuliza nyinyimmetoa wapi pesa za kupeana kanisa.

“You go out drinking until 5 AM and when you wake up, you come and question me where I get my money from," he stated while addressing Shabana FC players, technical team and supporters in Nairobi.

Earlier in November, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi called for an audit of politicians donating millions of shillings to churches.

“We have people in the country who are donating more funds than Safaricom is giving through its foundation. If he doesn’t have a big company like Safaricom, it is clear that the source of his money is questionable