Seven interesting facts about men | Happy International Men's day

As we celebrate Happy International Men's day, here are some of the interesting facts about men.

  1. Average life expectancy for a man is 68 while for a woman is 73, so clearly we a man will die earlier


  1. Men stare at women for almost half of their life, A man spends almost 43 minutes a day staring at 10 different women which adds to 259 hours which cumulates to almost 11 days a year. This is according to a poll carried out by  Kodak Lens Vision Centre


  1. World wide their are approximately 100 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls


  1. Men are nearly three times more likely than women to abuse alcohol and twice as likely to abuse recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine


  1. The average adult male has about 50% more muscle mass and 50% less body fat than an average female


  1. Men are more than twice likely to commit suicide than women


  1. Men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) than girls