6 ways to know your REAL relationship status

Can you define your relationship…clearly? How do you know if you are dating, friends with benefits or in the dreaded ‘no labels’ situationship?

If you are trying to figure it out, here are six question you should ask yourself:

Online only?

Does it only go down in the DM? Unless you live in different countries, not meeting IRL is a serious warning sign. If bae doesn’t make an effort to see you in person, downgrade to a lower ‘ship’.

Do you know her inner circle?

If you’ve been “dating” a girl for more than three months and you have yet to meet her friends, you could be reading from different scripts.

Where do you meet?

If you only meet at his house, or in nondescript clubs – you may not be in a bona fide relationship. If he cannot make time to see you in broad daylight, you should reevaluate your options.

What’s you title…in public?

Are you a ‘close friend’ in public but ‘wifey’ in private? Granted, not all pet names are for public use, but one must pay keen attention to the ‘title’ you are given when you meet his friends.

Unanswered questions

Rule No.2 in the players’ handbook – right after ‘Thou shalt not get caught…’ – is ‘Keep the lines blurred’.  It works well for a player if they keep things open for interpretation. After all, how are they responsible for what “you took” their words to mean?

Future plans

Has bae given specific details about where your relationship is headed?

If this has yet to come up after the “honeymoon phase”, you need to bring it up and evaluate their response.

Steer clear of the first date marriage proposals. Jumping to marriage before getting to know someone is a sign of desperation, poor decision-making or just plain deception.