Sharon’s mum denies requesting money for upkeep from Migori County

Mother to slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, Ms Melida Auma, has refuted rumors doing rounds that she had requested Migori County Government for upkeep for the Ms Otieno’s children, insisting that it was not true.

According to Ms Auma, there are unknown people and bloggers who are peddling lies on social media, to paint the family in bad light, adding that such false information would only hurt them more.

“We do not want to be involved…with Migori County or any of its employees. We haven’t asked for any help from them. We know some of those producing and spreading such news are Obado’s sympathisers,” she said.

Meanwhile, the family of Sharon Otieno has confirmed that she will be buried on October 19.

The student, who was seven months pregnant, was killed after she was kidnapped on September 3. On Tuesday, Sharon's mother said their daughter would be buried at her grandfather's compound.