Kenyatta University student shares her story of how she sleeps with ‘sponsors’ for good life

Jane 20, grew up in Homa Bay in a very religious family. In an interview with International media house BBC, Jane opened up about her life and what she does to survive.

Jane says that as a student it is extremely hard to survive in Nairobi.Especially covering her expenses and also having a good life.

Jane further adds that sex is not a big deal at least to her.She does not understand why people feel like sex in exchange for money is a big deal to her it is just a normal hustle to fend for one self.
She discloses that she comes from a very religious background, her mum a staunch Christian.

 She states that the decision to sleep with older men in exchange for money is her own.

The irony is,her mum is a social workers who educates children about sex and HIV