I used to earn Sh400 a month but now own a chain of restaurants - Obado Obadoh | CAREER MONDAY

What is the value of an internship opportunity towards ones career development?

Café Deli Founder Obado Obadoh gives us an insight to his internship experience. As an intern he used to be paid Ksh 400, but save half of it. This meant that he hardly could afford transport forcing him to walk for at least ten kilometers from his home in Dandora to the Norfork hotel in the town where he had his placement.

His career in the hospitality industry spanned fifteen years, before jumping ship to entrepreneurship through Café Deli chain of restaurants.  Reflecting back, he is full of appreciation of the internship experience which brought the best out of him.

“I appreciate interns when they come to work at Café Deli. Some of them literally have nothing but passion and I see me I them.”