How to prepare Mongolian Beef | SIZZLE

Want to prepare a quick meal to impress your better half? Jasmine takes us through how to quickly prepare a sumptuous  Mongolian Beef.



500 grams rump steak/ fillet cut in cubes

¼ cup water

3 tablespoons brown sugar

4 tablespoons soy sauce

1 onion


3 cloves garlic

1 courgette

1 egg plant

1 green pepper

Corn/ self raising/ all purpose flour

Salt and pepper

Olive/ Vegetable oil

Sesame seeds (optional)


Start by heating some oil on a pan. Follow by washing your meat and pat dry. Then dip in flour and then put remove the excess before adding it to the hot pan. After meat has browned on all sides (yet hasn’t cooked through completely) remove from heat and set aside.

In another pan, (preferably non stick) put chopped onion to cook with chopped ginger for 2 min. Follow by adding brown sugar, soy sauce and water and leave to cook for 3 minutes. Then add chopped courgette, egg plant and pepper, followed by the meat, chopped garlic and add some more water. Leave to cook for 10-12 minutes or until meat is completely cooked through.

Serve on top of rice with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.