Radio host Nick Odhiambo locked me up for two weeks and beat me till I collapsed

Jane Mwai has accused  Nick Odhiambo of assault.

The ex-girl friend of celebrated radio presenter and  voice-over artist, Nick Odhiambo, has accused him of assault.

 Jane Mwai, a mother of one, claims that Nick first beat her up in 2013 when her pictures started making rounds on social media, and again after attending a concert together recently on October 29.

Jane told The Nairobian that, “We were coming from Yetu Festival at Ngong Racecourse. I told him I wanted to greet a friend and when I came back, he told me that I was trying to spite him. He locked me in the car and started beating me till I collapsed. He broke my reading glasses and phone.”

Jane claims she dated Nick for three years, during which time his violent tendencies were more than apparent. She claims that forced her to leave him after three years of living together, but they hooked up again recently at the festival.

The couple lived together in Nick’s Kiserian home until they separated.

“He has been looking for me and I decided to give him a last chance. Nick is a very crazy person. There is a time he locked me in his house and beat me for two weeks. One time, he even broke my teeth. There is a place in his house with flowers that he told me would be my grave,” Jane claimed, adding that the radio presenter is very arrogant.

But Nick told The Nairobian that, “I don’t deny that I hit her, but I was pushed to the edge and I really regret this.” 

He claims that Jane was using police to blackmail him and “when we met, she confessed that policemen wanted to blackmail me. She then started flirting with other men and smoking weed in my car. That pushed me to the limit and I lost my temper.” 

The Nairobian got hold of an exchange on WhatsApp between the two. Their argument involved physical abuse and use of drugs too.

“I have been quiet about this issue but this woman has really been pushing me to the edge. One time a friend showed me nude photos of her that she had shared. She flirts and giggles with men when she is around me. Then another time she started telling me how close she was with a retired footballer to a point she got whores for him. Yet, every time I leave her, she comes looking for me. I’m done,” Nick said.

He described Jane as “a rebound who stuck around for too long.” He hooked up with her after separating with his baby mama three years ago and claims she has made it impossible for him to get a new girlfriend because she has painted him as a very violent man.

“Every woman I try to hook up with rejects me because they have only heard one side of the story. I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.”