Raila announces what will happen after fuel price hike

NASA leader Raila Odinga on Sunday commented on the recent hike in fuel prices, urging the nation to be patient.

Speaking during a National Government Affirmative Action Funds Football tournament at Kenyatta Sports grounds in Kisumu, Odinga assured Kenyans that it is only a matter of time before President Uhuru Kenyatta intervenes.

“The issue of increasing fuel prices cannot continue, it has to stop.

“Members of Parliament already made amendments to the (Finance) Bill and removed the 16% V.A.T, (President) Uhuru will intervene very soon, just wait and see,” he said.

The Opposition Chief further reiterated that the President listens to public outcry so he will soon speak on the matter.

On corruption, Odinga said the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is fully behind President Kenyatta and those found guilty should not be spared.

"Corruption is not targeting a particular community or leader but only those who have acquired public funds illegally," he said.

Recently, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho also vowed to support the Head of State in fighting graft, noting that he (Uhuru) should not worry about losing friends.

“I like how President Uhuru Kenyatta is dedicated to fighting corruption.

“He said he was ready to lose some friends and I encourage him to do so because we are his new-found friends.

“I am your loyal friend because I stand for justice, said Joho.