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Polycarp Igathe resigns: Kenyans on Twitter can't help but ridicule his partnership with Sonko
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jan 13, 2018 at 10:59 EAT
Polycarp Igathe and Mike Sonko in past event

Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe has resigned

He cited failure to earn the trust of Governor Sonko as one of the reasons why he resigned

Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe resigned barely six months after assuming office citing failure to earn the trust of his boss Governor Mike Sonko to enable him to deliver services to Nairobians.

“I write to resign my seat as the elected Deputy Governor of Nairobi City County effective 1pm, Wednesday, 31st January 2018. Serving Kenyans, in Nairobi under your leadership, has been a high honour and distinct privilege. I am grateful to Nairobians and yourself for giving me the opportunity to serve. Thank you and please accept my highest personal regards,” wrote Igathe in a letter addressed to the Nairobi Governor.

This sudden announcement shocked many Kenyans, who took to social media to express their delight, surprise, satisfaction and disappointment.

Here are some of the reactions captured on social media after Igathe announced his resignation: 

Polycarp Igathe has taught us that: If you have to force it, Leave it.
Situationships disguised as Relationships,
Crampy jobs in the name of job security,
Friendships that are not building you,
Habits that eat your soul away

Leave that shit behind.... Its never that serious.— Karanja Marigu (@MariguKaranja) January 12, 2018

Polycarp igathe resigns ..despite the screenshots from Mike Sonko,media was right there was feuds between the two.Sonko should now choose kalembe ndile as his deputy,Education dwarfs one side— CB???? (@SoshBoru) January 12, 2018

Polycarp Igathe just found out that in a community of idiots, clever people sound stupid.#NairobiIsRotting— Joshua K. Njenga (@JKNjenga) January 12, 2018

It's only in January where one resigns on 12th day of the month but the resignation notice takes effect on 31st of January at 1PM, you resign while you smile your way to the bank. Polycarp Igathe is wise. pic.twitter.com/AvnjOPLlj4— Embakasi Finest™???????? (@mboya_k) January 12, 2018

In your life, never choose to be junior to a quack. It will harm you and destroy your reputation. You will also be seen as a quack. Choose a boss you can at least think on the same level. Ask former Nairobi deputy governor Mr. Polycarp Igathe.— DAKTARI ALUSA (@AluzAlusa) January 13, 2018

Venye kidero anacheka watu walivotia sonko wakidhani Polycarp igathe will take care of things ???????????? pic.twitter.com/h718CtG6K8— kevinkorir (@cherzkevin) January 12, 2018

Breaking News: People who voted for Sonko because of Polycarp Igathe are to collect their votes at Bomas #IgatheResigns— Johnson Ngugi (@jngugi11) January 12, 2018

We of this side of the oppressed shall gladly accept the entertainment offered by the Sonko/ Igathe tussle. We are absolutely sure that the Polycarp Igathe resignation is just a first blow and a greasy tussle awaits us on the strands.— Byron JEZÜS® (@byron_jez) January 13, 2018

The Kenyan media should now be asking hard questions on the case of Polycarp Igathe. The actual reasons why he resigned. The areas they differed with Sonko etc. This will help the debate in the public domain. Igathe is directly accountable to the people of Nairobi.— Lord Mutai (@ItsMutai) January 13, 2018

You may not understand the weight of Polycarp Igathe's resignation until you imagine an impeachment motion against Sonko.NASA MCAs +pro-Igathe jubilee MCAs can only mean one thing to Sonko,DANGER.— Muchinah Mungai (@MuchinahM) January 13, 2018

Polycarp igathe resigns

Ababu Namwamba: there's a vacancy?! pic.twitter.com/PdjcJoctyT— BennZila (@benn_jatelo) January 13, 2018

This is the time Polycarp Igathe will know his true friends. The ones who were not just close to him because of his position and power. Human beings tend to show their true selves once they don't see how you can be beneficial to them anymore.— Thee Trend Setter ™ (@xtiandela) January 13, 2018

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