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Kenyans react after NASA says they sympathize with the Supreme Court ruling
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 20, 2017 at 13:10 EAT
NASA said Supreme Court was under duress
  • NASA maintained that the ruling by the Supreme Court is illegitimate to them.
  • They claimed that they foretold the outcome of the process since they know the Supreme Court acted under duress.
  • Kenyans had something to say about it.

National Super Alliance (NASA) responded to the ruling by Supreme Court to dismiss the two petitions filed against the results of the October 26 presidential repeat poll.

The ruling was made by six judges including Chief Justice Maraga and was received with different reactions from different parties.

The decision by the Supreme Court paves way for Uhuru to be sworn in as President.

In a statement on NASA Coalition Facebook page, NASA said that they won’t recognize the ruling as it was illegitimate to them. They further stated that SCoK made the decision under duress.

“We do not condemn the Court, we sympathize with it," the statement read.

Various leaders took to Twitter to ask their supporters to remain calm and wait for the way forward. 

NASA supporters across the country are ADVISED to remain calm and not to react any form of PROVOCATION by our opponents. Be calm, still, focused and wait for the way FORWARD from the NASA leadership.— Philip Etale (@EtalePhilip) November 20, 2017

We can see it before it happens. Refused to validate a sham election on 26.10.17 and refused to legitimize the charade through SCOK. We remain masters of our own destiny. In 5 days we will get there— Norman Magaya (@amugira) November 20, 2017

Kenyans, as usual, were keeping tabs on the aftermath of the ruling pounced on the post, some agreeing with the Coalition while others accused them of wanting to pull the country behind.

Finally UK's win vindicated.See you guys in 2022 for now all energies are directed towards nation building— kennedy kimutai (@kennedykimutai2) November 20, 2017

Kenya is moving forward. Its very sad that its only one side that wants to return the rest of the country backwards.— Lilian Ongayo (@LilianNO1) November 20, 2017

There can only be one way Forward from here..respect the ruling the way the others respected the one in your favour.— John Gikonyo (@john_giks) November 20, 2017

Thankyou for the foresight. I remain ready for the call to end this shameless kleptocracy— Kinyua Muriithi (@mtukufumimi) November 20, 2017

@RailaOdinga . we had nothing to do with supreme ruling and sham election. We must progress with our agenda and have people's president. Uhuru as won his opinion poll. Waiting for plan B. @MigunaMiguna— ishmael mutugi (@mr_mutugi) November 20, 2017

Its over. Kenya must move forward. Its not always about that one side of the country. The rest of the country is in celebrations.— Lilian Ongayo (@LilianNO1) November 20, 2017

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