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Man narrates near death experience during Kawangware violence
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 28, 2017 at 14:18 EAT
A man runs in front of a property that was set on
  • Property of unknown value was destroyed on October 27 evening in Kawangware slums as youths engaged the police with stones
  • One man narrated his near death experience during the riots 

Property of unknown value was destroyed on October 27 evening in Kawangware slums, Nairobi. One person was shot dead as police moved in to extinguish a fight between two groups.

Groups of youths, armed with stones engaged the police in battles where police would dispense teargas to disperse them in vain. The gangs said to be protesting against Thursday's repeat presidential election, attacked and seriously injured residents. Later on, a group of youths arrived at the scene wielding machetes and engaged the police in more running.

Police water cannons, lorries, and other vehicles from the general service unit (GSU) were present in the area while police manned the slum by walking around armed. A police officer said that they received reports that a few youths were causing chaos in the area. They said that most of the youths took advantage of the situation and were now looting shops and private residences as well as burning businesses. As the situation worsened, many businesses, including butcheries, hotels, and salons, were razed down.

One Daniel Nyamai was not lucky as he found himself caught in the middle of the scuffle. He posted his experience on his Facebook account narrating how he met the wrath of the repeat presidential elections head on. At around 7:30 pm, a bus he was riding in veered off the road and the conductor told them that they had come to the end of their ride.

Nyamai says that although there was commotion outside, he could see armed policemen. Shortly after alighting, the bus passengers were approached by a group of about fifteen men who were armed with rungus, machetes and even pistols. Three from the group approached him and took his bag with all its contents after accusing him of looking like ‘mmoja wao’. "Huyu anakaa mmoja wao. Kwani mnafikiria hii kenya ni yenu? Mtajua hamjui!" they told him. They also wounded one of the passengers deeply on the head with a machete.

Nyamai says he then ran towards the police station where he met others who had faced the same fate. The policewoman at the gate did not let them in. "Pole ndugu, watu wengi sana wameibiwa leo na wengine kuuawa," she told him.

At some point, a young man came running with only one shoe on and explained that his motorbike had been taken by force and the female customer he was carrying was badly wounded by the said thugs.

“At that point, the gang fired at us. The police ran faster than us, entering the compound. Minutes later the OCS arrived at loudly asked, "Kwa nini mnaacha watu kukaa kwa mlango ya polisi?” Nyamai continued.

The police then ordered them to leave the gate and people resisted. Nyamai just wanted to escape and he scrambled for a ride when three motorbikes approached. As he jumped on the speeding bike, he heard another shot but was lucky to escape. Although he lost his vital possessions, Nyamai is thankful to God for saving his life. He had this message for the gang,” I sincerely forgive you. May the grace of the Lord Jesus engulf you and may the gift salvation through Christ Jesus be your portion one day.”

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