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5 simple things your lady does that prove she is cheating on you
By Ureport | Updated Oct 13, 2017 at 11:09 EAT
Ladies can keep secrets for the longest time

A lady can keep a secret for the longest time, especially when they are cheating

These are the top five behaviours that prove your lady is cheating on you

5 simple things your lady does that prove she is cheating on you

Most of us have gone through relationships where we feel that our partner is not doing enough to help the relationship grow or save it.

Ladies can be secretive but it is not impossible to know if they are cheating on you with another man.

Here are the top five signs that she is cheating on you:

She's always concerned with your whereabouts

Though one can argue that a lady can be concerned and cares more, asking about your whereabouts all the time could be suspicious. She might want to know how far you are from home or from her location so that she can meet up with the other guy.

No future plans with you

If your girlfriend doesn’t talk to you about what she wants from you in future or what she wants you to achieve as a couple, then she does not see any future with you. She might be interested in someone else whom she sees a future with.

She flirts with other people in front of you

If she’s really your girlfriend, she would never flirt with anyone else except you. Ladies who flirt with other men often are not usually loyal and may cheat on their men from time to time.

She's less interested in sex

‘The thrill is gone’ best describes this. If a lady doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore, it might be because she is not as thrilled to do it with you as she is doing it with another guy. Ladies like men who are good in bed and if your bed-game is below average, she will cheat on you.

She pays more attention to her phone

A girl who spends most of her time chatting on her phone is probably texting or sexting another guy. Ladies like engaging people on phone and if she finds a man who can talk on phone for the longest time, probability of being cheated on rises.

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