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Simple benefits of drinking water everyday
By Sonnie Touch | Updated Oct 12, 2017 at 14:22 EAT
Man drinks water after jogging session

Water brings many benefits to our bosies than we can imagine

One should try drinking at least 4 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated

It's recommended one should take in 6/8 glasses of water in a day. 


It keeps headaches at bay

Gives you better skin complexion

Boosts concentration

Helps in detoxification (body cleanser)

Curbs our appetite

Keeps you hydrated and rejuvenated, leaving you lively with a glowing skin.


We all know that too much of something is dangerous. Keep in mind that whenever you excess water (more than need), you will end up suffering from HYPERDROSIS (Excessive sweating) and water INTOXICATION. 


It makes you sweat excessively

Causes Insomnia

I advice people to take any fluid 3/4 hrs before bed time to avoid distracting your sleep.

When we fall asleep our brain releases (ADH) Anti-diuretic hormone which slows down kidney functions and stop us from feeling the need to urinate at night. If you drink 2/3/4 glasses of water in the evening, you might have problems sleeping since most of it will end up in your bladder. You might have to visit the washroom several times in one sleep session. 

The best way to to a lot of water is by sipping and NOT just once or after every 30 secs.

This way you won't find yourself running to the restroom after every other minute.

Those who take 2 litres of water in 30 minutes can't stay far from a rest room. Your get exhausted fast and your body struggles to hold all that water in.

Did you know that every fluid you consume counts? It doesn't matter if it’s tea, juice, a milkshake, coffee, cucumber or a melon.

Fruits are rich in water. A good fruit e.g. Cucumber can keep you hydrated even when you don't have a bottle of water on your desk.

Your intake of water should depend on what you are doing, your environment and the climate. For example, when you go to the gym and sweat, you need to replace the water lost, otherwise you will be dehydrated.

When you are in a hot climate like in Dubai or Mombasa you need to stay hydrated and this goes hand in hand with how you treat your skin. Make sure you have HYDRATING SKINCARE RANGE.

You only eat when you are hungry so drink water when the body needs it. 

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