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Unpaid prison wardens threaten to strike over party primaries jobs
By Jay S. | Updated Jun 19, 2017 at 14:33 EAT
Security personel deployed to party primaries

Sections of prison wardens have warned that they would be on a go-slow over delays in payment of Sh10, 000 of allowances for each of them being payment for duties they performed during political party primaries.

The officers issued the threat after receiving information that their administration police counterparts had received their share complaining of being discriminated in the payment process for the duties they were charged with in April.

An officer attached to Kamiti Prison in Kiambu has said it is unfair for the government to pay only other carders and ignore them yet they were all involved in providing security on the days parties conducted nominations.

The officer in charge of the facility, Henry Kisingu said the officers had been informed of plans of having them paid and that the information had been issued on the noticeboards that they will receive their dues just as the other officers.

“I showed the officers the letter and even had it posted on the notice board. The challenge we have is that their allowances were released at a time when their salaries had been paid,” said mr Kisingu.

Some of the officers have expressed fears that there could be cracks emerging as they feel all officers deserve the allowances given that those remaining at their stations while colleagues went for the primaries equally were at work.

As the week ended, details emerged that some of the police officers had received Sh10, 000 more on the top of their May salaries.

The police officers had received a letter from the department headquarters explaining the changes in pay.

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