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Hard facts about the pastor whose body was found decomposing in a bush
By Paul Baraza | Updated May 19, 2017 at 12:58 EAT
Residents of Riensune village in Nyamira County

Pastor Nicholas Kibagendi's death shocked his family and residents of Riensune village in Nyamira County. This is after his decomposing body was discovered in a bush.

The sad news came as Pastor Kibagendi’s family and friends face the reality of losing one of their own in unclear circumstances. 

According to his wife, Jennifer Kibagendi, she had breakfast with her husband and other family members at their home and the husband was a very happy man that morning before he left and headed towards Keroka town.

The pastor went missing on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at around 8 am. It is said that he received a call from unknown people whom he went to meet. According to the area chief Mike Onsombi, the deceased was last seen making a phone call near Riensune Primary School before he went missing.

His family suspected that something was amiss when his phones went off at noon and he delayed in returning home, something that prompted them to report the matter to Borabu Police Station.

In addition, his wife revealed that the family had been attacked by thugs three times since they moved there ten years ago.

Nyamira Conference Ministerial Secretary Pastor Richard Nyakeyo also revealed that the deceased was to be on leave the month he disappeared.

It was a herder who found his skull dumped in an open field on Thursday at around 8 am almost the same time he disappeared. He raised an alarm which attracted a good number of villagers who helped the police conduct a search, only to discover his body deep in a thicket, about 150 meters from where the skull was.

The body appeared mutilated with the chest and one hand missing. The same clothes he wore when he disappeared, his black trouser, brown belt and brown shoes were intact.

The farm on which the pastor's remains had been dumped belonged to the late Education Minister and Kitutu West MP George Sagini, a farm which is mostly used by herders to graze livestock.

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