JKUAT student leaders talk about their ideal men and politics

JKUAT student leaders talk about their ideal men and politics
Cynthia Toel is a 21 year old Mechanical Engineeri

University students have learnt to juggle books, looks and love.

And while love is often considered a fictitious commodity within the walls of most local universities, it still exists — even in tiny doses.

They say good men are scarce; a phrase many ladies will agree with no doubt, but one which the menfolk will want to denounce — tenfold!

Campus Vibe caught up with three student leaders from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to find out their definition of an ideal man in campus and what it is like to be in politics.

Cynthia Toel, 21, the current Accommodation and Health Secretary says: “I would prefer a man out there, nowhere close to these walls.” Asked if she’s dating, Cynthia, who studies mechanical engineering says: “No. I’m not seeing anyone.” at the moment.

But what’s her ideal man? “Someone who is understanding and supportive. I am a politician, so I need someone who understands our challenges as women in siasa. Sadly, most people in campus are not serious about dating. They just want to test waters and take a walk,” she says, adding that she has leanrt to survive in campus politics, but it’s never easy.

Maimuna Mohamed who is the Deputy President says: “I’m not really into dating right now, hence I may not be in a position to give any views on the subject.” On why she joined politics, the 21-year-old pursuing a degree in procurement and contract management says: “I joined politics to provide an alternative means of leadership.”

Stella Ageya, the External Affairs Secretary admits to seeing someone and says: “I find it safe being in a relationship as opposed to being single.” On her ideal man, the 21-year-old studying architecture says: “That man must be hardworking, loving, caring, tall and of course, handsome.”

But why politics? “It’s a forum to meet and interact with people from all sections of life. This has made me a better leader and person,” she says.

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