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Kalonzo Musyoka must address governor's concerns
By Joe Ombuor | Updated Oct 26, 2016 at 15:41 EAT

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe is worried that the 2017 Wiper party nominations could be manipulated to favour his rival, Senator David Musila.

Dr Malombe is asking for a level playing ground, not direct nominations as others have done elsewhere.

Mr Musila and party leader Kalonzo Musyoka come from the larger Kitui North region.

To make matters worse, Musila is on record dismissing demands that party nominations should be handled by a neutral body such as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), with no response from Kalonzo.

What baffles observers is how the party leader has handled the matter - as if he does not appreciate the concerns raised by the governor.

As the party leader, he is obligated to intervene for the good of the party, which is bigger than any individual member, regardless of how close they are.

Already, the party is haemorrhaging, going by events at the Jubilee Party launch recently that saw 10 legislators from Ukambani publicly declare their allegiance to the new outfit.

Pundits predict more bleeding in Wiper if Kalonzo continues wavering in his leadership.

He must come out strong and remove any doubts that he is in charge and can weather any storms instead of being buffeted by the winds, however strong they are.

The more Kalonzo vacillates on this issue pitting the governor and senator, the better for Charity Ngilu, who has entered the race to be governor riding on her Narc party.

That she is up to the task is not in question, given her strong credentials and fighting spirit. A disillusioned Malombe would not mind aiding her to the finish line if he feels he has been left with no options should he lose to Musila in the nominations.

Kalonzo must be cognisant of the fact that failed leadership at home impacts negatively on his presidential ambitions.

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