Bomet County URP youth refuse delegate list

Youth supporting the United Republican Party (URP) have sternly rejected a list of delegates that will represent Bomet County at a National Delegates Meeting to be held in Nairobi from 8th of this month for three days to endorse the formation of Jubilee Party.

Led by Mr. Victor Rop, the youth and other supporters closed the office on Thursday afternoon saying it won’t be used to conduct any URP business in the county unless the delegate stalemate was solved immediately.

“We have come here today the 1st of September 2016 to close the offices of the now defunct URP offices because of one thing that of a list of delegates that was made by one person with his own personal interest.” Mr. Rop said adding that the list does not represent the true picture of URP presence in Bomet County.

The youth representative said the list portrayed the people who give support to area Governor Isaac Ruto’s Chama Cha Mashinani new party and betrays the true followers of URP.

“The list consists of people who have shifted allegiance from URP to CCM. We are giving a stern warning to the Chairman of URP in Bomet county Mr. Stephen Mutai who is also the area deputy governor to cancel the list and consult other party leaders and members and harmonize the list to reflect the true supporters of URP who have the interest of the party at heart.” Mr. Rop added.

He threatened that the youths of the region will go as a united force to the meeting to be held at Safaricom stadium-Kasarani irrespective of whether they are in the list or not to witness the dissolution of URP and official launch of Jubilee Party.

He also noted that a point of concern was the use of County Government of Bomet electronics and stationery in the Bomet URP offices yet URP MCAs and MPs from the region pay a monthly subscription fee of Sh. 3000 for the running of the office affairs.

“We do not understand why we don’t have equipment that belongs to the office if Mr. Mutai still wants to work with the governor he should leave us alone.” Mr. Rop advised.

A URP supporter who identified himself as Mr. Sanga said the situation facing the party is unfortunate and no person who is not a loyal member of URP should attend the meeting because such people will only be there to disrupt the meeting proceeding to make the developments achieved look bad.

Caption: URP Bomet County youth led by Mr. Victor Rop (seated centre) after they closed Bomet party offices over what they termed as 'fake' delegates list for the National Delegates Meeting to witness official launch of Jubilee Party to be held in Nairobi from 8th to 10th this month