Business people condemn regular demos in Bomet

Business in Bomet town was once again brought to a standstill on Monday, when business people and other town dwellers held a demonstration against the county government of Bomet, for not allocating a space to dump the town’s rubbish.

The area that had been earlier designated for the purpose has fully reverted to Moi University for the construction of its constituent college, after it won a court case early this month, over the use of the parcel of land it had dispute with the county government of Bomet.

The Monday run-ins were initiated by disgruntled business people, who collected rubbish and took it to the gates of the Bomet county Assembly, and dumped it there in protest to the House for not doing much to ensure that there was a designated place to dump the rubbish in the region.

The protestors again moved to the area’s county commissioner’s offices in an attempt to do the same but were intercepted by security officers who dispersed them with teargas.

However supporters of various parties in the region engaged in exchange of blows leading to one man being hit seriously on the head with a stone, thrown by an opposing demonstrator and being rushed to Tenwek referral hospital for treatment.

A number of business people have come out strongly to condemn the demonstrations, which can impact negatively on the economy and wellbeing of the region, as well as the authorities’ failure to deal with the rubbish dumping menace.

Dr. Stephen Koskei a businessman and former Chairman of the Kenya Water Towers said the region risked losing investors who were willing to invest in various sectors due to regular demonstrations.

“Such incidents will slow down development in the town and if authorities will not find ways of disposing rubbish the towns in the area will be dirty and breed diseases as well as scare investors.” Mr. Koskei said adding that demonstrations also played a big role in scaring investors.

He called on youth not to be used by leaders to achieve their selfish needs.

“As we are speaking I hear that one person was seriously injured and is in hospital. That is unacceptable. Why we have so many problems in Bomet is because of challenges in leadership and that should change for the prosperity of this region.” He noted.

He also said poor disposal of towns’ waste will affect the environment negatively and called on both county and national government to find a lasting solution to the issue of getting a space for a dumping site.


Recently, the chairperson of Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry Bomet chapter condemned regular demonstrations being witnessed in Bomet town and its adjacent urban centers saying this was not good for business in the region.

While talking to the press in his office Mr. Stephen Sang’ cited a demonstration held on Monday 23rd May, at Bomet where business people were ordered by demonstrators to close their businesses for over seven hours leading to losses of millions of shillings.

“Over Sh. 5 million circulate daily in Bomet and that is approximately the amount we lost that day.” Mr. Sang said adding that a supermarket in the town was looted by the demonstrators.

The demonstrations were sparked by a court case contested by the county government of Bomet and Moi University, over a land that the two organizations are fighting for.

The county government has set it for a public dumpsite while Moi University wants to set a constituent college on it.

In 2014 President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto allocated two title deeds to Moi University, while the county government insists the land was set aside for a dumpsite. The matter was finally settled in court and a ruling made on Wednesday 8th June at Bomet high court this year, and the parcels of land are currently being used for the construction of the varsity’s constituent college. 

Mr. Sang suggested that if the leaders and residents felt the need for demonstrations they should do it outside the urban centers to avoid disrupting businesses.

He also pointed out that leaders should find ways of advancing their agenda, rather than holding demonstrations that can turn violent and destructive to both lives and property.

 Over the Monday's disturbances, Mr. Sang said the culprits will be brought to book and sued in the law of court for disrupting business.