A lady is shocked to find her maid naked at home

A lady working as a marketing manager for a leading mobile phone company was shocked beyond words when she found her maid completely naked while preparing food in the kitchen.

The woman in her early 30s had gone out in the morning to attend to a new client in Lang’ata when she was flanked down by police officers at a traffic jam for using her phone while driving. She was ordered to go to the police station to answer for her charges, so she had to cancel her schedule to Lang’ata.

After paying her fine at the police station as is the case now after the dispensation of the new constitution, she headed home to relax after a daunting morning.

On arriving at her house at Eastleigh section 3, she got into the living room through the front door which was not locked, but nobody was in the room, so she decided to look for the maid who was in the kitchen preparing a meal, to her utter shock she found her naked to the skin and stirring some food in the cooking pan over the gas cooker burner.

The lady demanded to know what she was doing naked for which the maid said she was preparing to go to the bathroom for a shower.

“But there was no indication that the maid was preparing for a shower. There was no towel close by and on her bed were no fresh clothes for changing after the shower and I smelt a rat in the whole thing.” She said, adding that of late her young child in kindergarten has been giving her trouble after being washed.

“I have been asking her why she doesn’t want to put on clothes after bath but she says aunty (maid) always stay naked.” She revealed saying that this shocked her beyond words but it could not prepare for what came next.

She added that her child told her aunty always tell her to lick her private parts and warns her not to tell her mother.

“My child is always sick and when I take her to the clinic I am told she is suffering from bacterial infections and every week it has been the case. I have taken her for tests and it has been proved that her saliva was mixed with vaginal fluids. The latest incident was this morning and I am now considering a legal action against her.” The distraught mother said.

She hopes that her child was not infected with either a terminal or serious illness of any kind. She called upon all parents out there to take caution of who they leave their children with when they go to work.