Let's go slow on GMO technology

Kenyans should vote in a referendum-like exercise to approve or reject the introduction of GMO food in the country. Nobody must pretend to make a decision that might impact on our health.

Concerns on safety of GMO food should not be wished away.

The National Biosafety Authority is just another quasi-government body which cannot be entrusted to be make the decision on behalf of Kenyans.

I have followed GMO marketing campaign over the years. I have observed the poaching and employment of eminent Kenyan scientists to be part of the campaign. And the campaign is now climaxing.

Part of the campaign have been some governors saying they want GMO like yesterday. Deputy President has followed suit.

During the Kibaki administration, Parliament voted against the introduction of GMO. And I thought that is still the peoples’ position.

And should Parliament be called again to vote, MPs should seek our say as to which way to vote.

The GMOs much vaunted panacea to our food scarcity problems is just a ruthless charm offensive for the Kenyan market. It is plain business and there are local partners driving it!

Our food shortages are not all about insects and drought. The Government should address the other contributing factors first.