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Ezekiel Mutua asked to initiate process of abolishing Valentine’s Day
By Standard Reporter | Updated Jan 10, 2020 at 12:44 EAT
Ezekiel Mutua

“A lot of pressure has been unduly put on men, including the recent Twa Twa craze..."

“We must "rescue men" and guide them to be men in their homes and areas of influence."

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Thursday issued a hilarious response to a request from the organisers of the ‘annual Men’s Conference’ that occurs on February 14.

Through a post on his page, Mutua noted that he had been requested to give a speech during the event and initiate the process of abolishing Valentine’s Day and replacing it with a more Kenyan-centric cultural theme.

He revealed that the conference themed: "The Role and Place of Man in Society: Reclaiming the lost Glory" seeks to fortify the important place of a man as head of the family.

On a rather light note, the Moral Cop said a lot of pressure had been put on men recently and went ahead to list examples.

“A lot of pressure has been unduly put on men, including the recent Twa Twa craze, the negative effects of foreign cultures brought through films and tv programs, and the waning of social support systems for the boy child, with the resultant decline in self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to depression and suicide in some cases, as reported in sections of the media.

“We must "rescue men" and guide them to be men in their homes and areas of influence. One of the sub-themes at the proposed conference is "Gather All, Scatter None".

“We shall teach men how to love their wives and provide for their families,” he remarked.

Mutua added that he would consult further with ‘elders’ Captain Kung'u Muigai, Mzee Jackson Kibor, Bishop Jackson Kosgei and Pastor Israel Robert Burale, “who have in the past expressed strong views in having the Men's Conference designated a national day to reflect on how men can play a better role in the campaign for restoration of moral values in Kenya.”

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