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Miguna makes fun of Raila’s nicknames but tables turn on him
By Standard Reporter | Updated Aug 20, 2019 at 15:55 EAT
Raila Odinga

“In 1998 @RailaOdinga called himself TINGA. In 2002, he became NYUNDO. In 2007 he called himself Captain HUMMER. In 2013, he said he was ‘Joshua.’

"Nicknames will never liberate Kenya or get him power"

Lawyer Miguna Miguna on Monday evening took a dig at ODM party leader Raila Odinga saying the nicknames he has acquired over the years have done little to liberate Kenyans.

Miguna, who is currently in Canada, added that the names will never propel Odinga to power.

“In 1998 @RailaOdinga called himself TINGA. In 2002, he became NYUNDO. In 2007 he called himself Captain HUMMER. In 2013, he said he was ‘Joshua.’

“In 2017, he became "Baba." In 2018, he became Hand***. Nicknames will never liberate Kenya or get him power,” wrote Miguna on his official Twitter page.

Kenyans on Twitter quickly weighed in on the matter and although some agreed with his sentiments, others bashed him for often talking about Raila yet he also referred to himself as a ‘general.’

Were you ashamed when you called yourself a general?— sam pharex (@samnderitu7) August 19, 2019

But you call yourself general, have you liberated anyone or anything(yourself included)— Ashkum Simatusi (@simatusi) August 19, 2019

You lack what to say General work on important issues bro.— POPE of HOPE. (@IboOgendo) August 19, 2019

Preaching the gospel of Raila every time from a foreign country is not going to liberate Kenya either. Find something better to do with your life.— Nyagem (@judiama) August 20, 2019

@migunaIt's seems you dont have anything else to do in Canada. Kila siku Kelele twitter. Pumzika— fp oloishorua (@FpOloishorua) August 20, 2019

How did General as you called yourself liberate Kenya and you? Did you forget this too— Simon (@Simon14323127) August 20, 2019

I see some sense in what you wrote Mr. General...— Irene Malii (@malii_irene) August 20, 2019

Watu wapambane na hali zao. In one particular time in the above mentioned times you were his Advisor. Why didn't you say this to him?— Jelaw Carrington (@JelawCarrington) August 19, 2019

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