County cops raid Eric Wainaina's event, punch his wife

Eric Wainaina’s wife Sheba Hirst on Friday evening said that she was punched by county askaris during her husband’s concert at The Elephant.

Hirst stated that she was assaulted by the officers who claimed to be working for the county government.

“I was punched in the face by a city council cop and thrown to the ground. We were just beaten by city council thugs at our gig.

“Nairobi this is now too much. Don’t even know how to explain. We play a weekly gig for which we have permits,” wrote Hirst on her Twitter page.

She further added that they were told that their event had violated regulations.

According to actress Patricia Kihoro who was also in attendance, they were all having a good time before a number of men walked into the premise.

They asked for the show’s permit but even after it was given to them they still assaulted a number of people who had attended the event.

Three concert attendees and a photographer who tried to film the incident were arrested and taken to Central Police Station.

The concert organisers then proceeded to the station to demand their release but police used teargas to disperse them.

“They asked us to leave the lobby and go outside. We did. They told us to leave the station. Some folks had their cars parked inside the station and wanted to get them and leave. Teargas ndio hio…Went back to the waiting area because gate is locked,” said Kihoro.

Activist Boniface Mwangi also weighed in on the matter saying it is a shame that such things can happen in this day and age.

“We have been teargassed and kicked out of Central Police Station at 2am.We live in a violent state. Instead of @NPSOfficial_KE using reason, they said we were a threat because thirty plus people came to find out why @MikeSonko Askaris arrested concert attendees,” tweeted Mwangi.