Father to top 2018 KCPE performer who succumbed to cancer asks public for help

A top performer in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education succumbed to cancer after a brave battle.

Mary Kamanthe Mutua died while receiving treatment at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa County.

Her father, Josephat Mwangani Mutua has asked the public for Sh1.3 million bill to help him foot the bill.

The 15-year-old girl was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer three weeks before the start of the national exams. Her parents however did not disclose the news to her until she completed her last paper.

Mary managed to score 415 marks out of 500 marking her the top student in her class at the Amani Primary School in Mikindani.

Her parents took her to India for treatment but returned to Kenya after the money that was raised by the public well-wishers ran out.

The parents had no idea that what started as a strange swelling on their daughter’s left leg would turn out to be cancer. They took her to the hospital a few weeks before the examinations started after the pain became unbearable.

“I took my daughter to Pandya Hospital and it was confirmed that she had bone cancer, which required urgent treatment. The doctors told me it could be done locally which would involve the amputation of her leg or alternatively she could be taken to India for a specialised treatment,” said Mr Mutua. 

“It was so painful for me to see my daughter limping to and fro as she went to sit her exams. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I offered to carry her on my back for the three days,” he added.

Mary was rushed to Coast General Hospital and got admitted on May 17 after her condition worsened. Her platelets and blood level count had severely dropped.

“An ambulance came and rushed her to the ICU at 11pm on Monday. But at the casualty area, while waiting for the doctor, she started having breathing problems so they gave her oxygen. The doctor told me her heart had swollen and that her lungs had fluid. As they prepared to take her to ICU, she died peacefully,” said Mr Mutua.

Kamanthe died on Tuesday 4 June and her body taken to the Pandya Memorial Hospital morgue.